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  • 11 Dec 2016

    Successful websites begin with maintenance

    Your website is a living, breathing creature. Well, sorta. Just like the software on your cell phone and the programs on your computer – your website needs maintenance in order to work properly....

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    14 Feb 2016

    8 reasons why you need a new website

    My website is fine! Why would I want to waste the money on a new one? Have you heard someone say this recently? Worse, have you said it yourself? Now may be the best...

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    10 Dec 2014

    WordPress launches verison 4.0 ‘Benny’

    Some new features for Joker Media clients running WordPress for their websites! We will be updating your WordPress core files with the new 4.0 update called ‘Benny’, after jazz musician Benny Goodman. We...

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    29 Aug 2014

    Important information if you use Internet Explorer

    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is used by the majority of computer users all over the world. But the company just announced a major issue. Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corp. announced on Saturday that Internet Explorer versions 6...

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