Emblem PR

Emblem PR

Los Angeles, California

About the Project

Emblem Public Relations is a Los Angeles-based media relations agency specializing in securing top-tier national, regional and local media coverage for its clients. Clients include leading brands in beer, spirits, travel, tourism and hospitality. We also collaborate on projects with top PR agencies across the US.

Emblem PR came to Joker Media looking for a simple, but effective layout to showcase their talents and their clients. They weren’t big on fluff – they wanted to get straight to the point so potential clients knew what they were getting. The solution was a responsive site with a light bulb theme that obviously resonates with bright (and good) ideas!

The site allows the Emblem PR staff access to update clients, manage releases and update their portfolio anytime, anywhere.

From the Client

I approached Joker Media on a tip from a friend. I’d been in business for nearly eight years at that point and had never had a website – in part because of the hassles I perceived in getting it built. As a sole proprietor, every hour is precious. In the end the process of having the site built was as efficient and seamless as going to the barber with a picture of the style you want and saying “Give me something like that” and having it come out just as you pictured in your head but were unable to articulate. I’d recommend Joker Media to anyone – and I have.

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Colin Baugh

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