MIA Animation

MIA Animation

Miami, Florida

About the Project

MIA Animation is an industry conference that focuses on Computer Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Film, Web Design and Visual Arts.  It has been designed to be a forum for active networking and practical information exchange with strong commitment and emphasis in education while developing and nourishing new talent.

Joker Media was tasked with supporting the previous website that needed a lot of updates and testing in order to get it’s ticket ordering and processing system back in good health. Joker Media redesigned the look of the entire website, updated the ecommerce aspect of the site and added new features to breathe new life back into a great website.

The MIA staff can log in and control ticket sales, add offers, and manage and communicate with customers. Every August and September, the website gets a lot of traffic and must work well to handle the ticket demand for the October event.

Recent Works