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Humble beginnings and slow, calculated growth equals happy customers in the end.

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The Sarasota Dolphin Research Program brought its new website live in November 2020, thanks to the superb efforts of Joker Media. We have gotten rave reviews for the completely revamped site (, and we are very pleased with the result. Joker Media was great to work with, very professional, and they were on top of issues that I didn't foresee as issues, but which would have potentially been huge problems. Joker Media will continue to maintain our site, and I strongly recommend them.
Randy Wells
Randall Wells Sarasota, FL Sarasota Dolphin Research Program
Just want to give Joker Media a big shout out and thank them for coming through with a fantastic website; managing to pull it all together in the nick of time!! Josh was always very responsive to all my emails. Nashua Glass is feeling very confident in moving forward in a long term relationship with the many services that Joker Media has to offer. Thank you!!
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Marla King Nashua, NH Nashua Glass
Joker Media is seriously awesome! They have taken our concept to the next level and produced an amazing website for us. A lot of our customers tell us how much they love our website. We really believe that our website is helping with our success as a business. Their Joker Care Plan has also been super helpful when we need to make changes, etc. Josh is super friendly and very helpful. l highly recommend Joker Media!
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Julie Mateus Orange, CT Escape Rooms Connecticut
Joker Media is a great web development company. I contacted them for a quote on getting some custom WordPress development done on my site. Josh was super helpful and willing to help in any way possible.They also provide website maintenance services.
Dani Owens
Dani Owens St. Petersburg, FL Pigzilla
The team at Joker Media is AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about working with them. To say communication is extremely prompt wouldn't even justify how insanely speedy they are with getting back. When you have a company and you are wanting to get the digital presence going they understand. Great skills...great customer service...and tons of transparency so you know what you can expect to get. I highly recommend them. They did and do a great job with our site even suggesting how we can continuously improve it.
Rina Patel
Rina Patel Orlando, FL Cents of Relief
I've known and worked with Josh at Joker Media for close to 4 years now. He's helped out on many client projects in that time - mostly Wordpress and graphic-design. He's got a great mixture of technical skill and a knack for aesthetics. He takes the time to get details right, but can also hustle when he has to. Josh is also just an above-board, easygoing guy. A good one to have in your corner.
Phil Rozek
Phil Rozek North Attleboro, MA Local Visibility System
For many years, Joker Media has been by our side and helped our organization to develop. Thank you Josh for always bringing such a personal touch to the work you do. Happy to recommend you with 5 stars!
Charis Ober
Charis Ober Tucson, AZ Save the Cord Foundation
Joker Media was recommended to us by a business associate that felt the partnership would be a good fit for us at Roly Poly. Admittedly not tech savvy we needed the patient guidance and support that Josh and his team provided. Although originally contracted to refresh our existing website Joker Media exceeded our expectations with a complete redesign. Their management of the new website with Joker Care has been seamless.
Roly Poly Sandwiches
Julie Reid Atlanta, GA Roly Poly
Working with Joker Care Plans has taken the stress out of running a website. As a busy medical group, our website is our livelihood. Since hiring the Joker Media team, we have had ZERO issues with our site maintenance and have not had a single edit that was not resolved within a few hours. We would strongly recommend their services to anyone hoping to de-stress an online presence!
Matt Werger
Matt Werger Cambridge, MA Pro Sports Ortho
I've been using Joker Media for nearly 20 years. I think that probably sums up how I feel about Josh and his company. I'm one the pickiest customers with the worst case of OCD you've ever met. Trust me when I say that you can't go wrong with Josh and his team of professionals. From website development, to just lending me a helping hand with email accounts, PC issues, Facebook questions, and yes...even questions about how my new iPhone works, Joker Media has always been there for me! What else can I say? The guys (and girls) at Joker Media come with my highest recommendation!
Joe Palumbo
Joe Palumbo Forest Lake, MN Ice Dam Removal Guys
Joker Media got me up and running with my new solo law practice in May, 2013. Joker built me a great website and was very flexible with me as I got things up and running. Super responsive and quality work, and a package that fit my needs and resources as a brand new business owner. I highly recommend Joker Media!
Chris Wachtler
Chris Wachtler St. Paul, MN Wachtler Law
Our company initially selected Joker Media as our new service provider because we had been very happy with the results from some previous projects they had worked on and we were confident with their overall proposal and infrastructure. Once our migration started, we soon realized that we were going to require additional support and resources from Joker to help get us to where we needed to be. Everything we threw at them they were able to handle, which included some redesigning of sites, and some new coding to work with some of our proprietary platforms. We continue to be impressed with their quick response to any issues that come up along with their ability to diagnose the problem and offer a smart solution.
Blake Rogers
Blake Rogers Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands DMS Broadcasting
This company has brought us from 2-3 emails a week regarding catering/private parties to 5-6 a day as soon as they updated our website. Huge traffic boost and we're extra happy with the product. They took what we had in mind and made it a reality. Thanks Joker Media!
Ben Grose
Ben Grose Stillwater, MN Smalleys Caribbean BBQ
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