Custom Website Development

Custom designs and development from the first pixel to launch. Your custom developed website is something you'll be proud to call your own.

The Situation

A decade or so ago, you could build a website that looked good and that was enough (for the most part). Customers would be ‘wowed’ by the fact you even had a website where they could learn about your company. Maybe it even played music when the site popped up (cringe!). It didn’t matter how the pages loaded or how the site functioned because most people were looking at it from an old PC from their living rooms.

Those days are over.

Now websites need to fit within so many parameters to ensure an enjoyable and proper viewing experience. The design must be responsive, so it displays properly on all mobile devices. The code must be light, so the website can load quickly. The site should be ADA compliant so it can be enjoyed by everyone – including those with disabilities. The list simply goes on.

When it comes to your website we ensure we start with a website design you love and end with a custom developed WordPress website that will make you proud.

Joker Media Website Development

Our Custom Process

When it comes to a custom-developed WordPress theme, you’ll know that our team has had a hand on the process ever step of the way. From the initial website design, to extracting that design and coding it to HTML, then to PHP and WordPress, you’ll watch the process from start to finish.

And along the way, there are some important approaches we take to ensure your website is ready to meet today’s standards:

Responsive Design

Our custom WordPress themes are responsive, which means they will automatically adapt to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. We conduct various testing on our new, responsive websites to ensure that no matter what mobile device your audiences visits your website on, it’ll be an awesome experience.

Mobile-First Approach

Building out a responsive design is the first step. But making sure the experience for each page a mobile user visits on your website is a good one, is imperative. There are currently more people visiting websites on mobile devices than on desktops (as of several years ago). And mobile-friendliness is also an official Google ranking factor. So it’s crucial your site looks good and functions well on mobile no matter what.

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