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We'll optimize your Reviews profiles and help grow your positive reviews.

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We'll refresh your website so it's a patient-converting machine.

Higher Online Visibility

We'll optimize your new site so when patients're found.

What's Slowing Your Practice Down?

I Need More Patients

I just need more patients to make my practice successful.

I Need A Better Website

I have a website, but it could be better and help drive patients.

Too Few Reviews

I have a few good reviews, I just need more.

Not Enough Patient Procedure Images

I need better examples to show of my patients' procedures.

What Can I Expect with the PatientEdge System?

More Time for Patients.

PatientEdge gives you more time to focus on your patients, not on attracting them.

More Reviews.

PatientEdge will encourage previous clients to leave positive Google reviews about their experience helping your practice grow reviews and stronger reputation online.

💰 High-Converting Website.

PatientEdge will redesign your website with an aesthetically pleasing design, improved content and better navigation.

📈 Increased Search Rankings.

With the PatientEdge System, your website’s content will climb in the search results leading to more interest, more inquiries and ultimately, more revenue.

🏆 Higher Return on Investment.

By booking higher value procedures and patients, PatientEdge will increase your bottom line month-to-month.

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Dr. Anup Patel

“Joker Media is the absolute best for attracting patients and showcasing one’s results and reviews. There has been no issue with getting an immediate response to any issues that we may have. The website development is a very one-on-one process to ensure that the surgeon’s goals are met. I recommend Joker Media without any reservations.”

Before working with Joker Media, Dr. Patel needed a website that could be found on Google so he could generate more patients. 30 days after implementing a fresh new website with a procedures showcase and easier way for patients to book appointments, Dr. Patel gets 3-5 patient inquiries per week from the website.

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Dr. Michel Siegel, Houston Faces

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Before working with Joker Media, Houston Faces was dealing with a website that had confusing design elements and too many forms. It made it difficult for Dr. Siegel to know which pages were performing best. After two months Joker Media was able to redesign the website to better showcase the procedures as well as a single entry point for forms so Dr. Siegel can better track conversions.

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Dr Michel Siegel
Logo Final 2020

Boston Orthopaedic and Spine

“We were initially working with Joker Media to revamp our website and create a user-friendly site for our patients. We again reached out to the team to create a social media presence and manage our reputation across several platforms. They have been great to work with and keep the content fresh which has increased our visibility.”

Boston Ortho and Spine has several locations and more than 20 doctors. They reached out to Joker Media to help strengthen their reach on social media as well as help optimize their directory listings throughout the web after they rebranded under the Boston Orthopaedic and Spine name.

SERVICES: Website Refresh, Reviews Mangement, Social Media Management  |  View Website

PatientEdge Plan of Action

Our proprietary methodology is proven to generate more leads and driving more revenue to your practice by completing the followings steps:

Increase Online Reviews

We will optimize your Google My Business profile by completing the profile, adding images, new posts and updated information so patients can find you. We'll also take your list of patients and send them requests for reviews to help grow your Google reviews immediately.

More Website Appointments

Our design team will breathe new life into your website. We'll redesign the site and improve the content so it appeals to the search engines and helps you rank higher. We'll ensure the patient's navigation is seamless and easy to contact your practice and book their procedures.

Increase Search Rankings

If you are easier to find on the Web, you have a much easier time getting more patients, booking more procedures and making more money. That's the focus of this step - to ensure you can rank for important keywords and drive more patients needing more procedures to your website.

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More Patients. More Procedures. More Money.

We understand you are busy. You have patients who need procedures. They need their charts reviewed. They need insurance issues cleared up. There is little time for marketing, website management, and reaching out to find more of the people who help pay your bills.

Our PatientEdge process will help tackle tasks you may find difficult to complete. And as we perform these tasks, we help drive new patients to your doorstep. More patients. More procedures. More money. That’s our goal for your practice. Schedule your demo today. We look forward to meeting you.

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