If you had to guess, what do you think your domain name is worth? It can be a very difficult appraisal to do it on your own. There are dozens of factors that could play into accurately putting a price on that name you love. But we know you won’t sell it, because you love it, right? It’s doing what you want it to.

But in the game of ‘domaining‘ or buying and selling domains, the stakes are high and the prices are even higher. According to DN Journal, the year’s largest .Com domain sale just occurred. It wasn’t a common noun like couch.com or joker.com or a neat word like neato.com. It was just two letters: IG.com. The two-letter domain name sold for $4.7 million big ones.

Veteran domain brokers Tessa Holcomb and Marcus Kocak were the ones who teamed together to negotiate the year’s big order by acquiring IG.com on behalf of the London, England based IG Group for the monster price tag. The multi-million dollar exchange of funds was handled by Escrow.com.

DN Journal reports that the IG.com sale is more than double the price paid for the previous leader, 114.com, a domain that was sold for $2.1 million in July.

Wow. $2.1 million dollars for a three-digit number domain. Again, it comes to factors on what makes a domain name valuable. If it was 612.com, I may through you a couple grand because that’s my old area code, but I digress. $2.1M?! Wow.

IG.com was formerly a search portal in Brazil. Then it switched to the primary name of the company iG. But after getting a whiff of the price, iG’s CEO Andres Chaves had this to say:

“Although we initially had alternate plans for the IG.com domain name, we were extremely satisfied with the final sales price that Mr. Kocak and Ms. Holcomb were able to broker while ensuring we felt comfortable with the process throughout the negotiation.”

‘Extremely satisfied’ pretty much sums it up, wouldn’t you say? With that kind of coin, you could scoop up a dozen other premium domains and build a nice portfolio. Or buy a house. Ha, options. Nice to have.

Domains come and go, they change hands and sometimes, just sometimes, they sell for millions of dollars. Joker Media can always help you acquire a domain you’d like for your business. It may be a bit tricky and pricey if you want something like business.com or even store.com. But you never know. But, it could definitely will cost you millions, or just shy.

Just a flavor of what’s selling for how much, here’s the latest PR release on Note.com, a new domain on the market:

Due to their broad market appeal, short, generic .COM domains are highly marketable and have historically commanded some of the highest prices among all domain name sales. Reported sales of domains considered comparable to Note.com include Earth.com at $800,000.00, Local.com at $700,000.00, Luck.com at $675,000.00 and Answer.com at $550,000.00.

Until you can afford those domains, enjoy the domain you DO have and make your content the best it can be to help drive more customers and visitors to your site.

It’s valuable to you. And if you truly believe in it and deliver, well, that’s worth more than $4.7M. That’s priceless.

Rocket Image: Joe Ski