My website is fine! Why would I want to waste the money on a new one?

Have you heard someone say this recently? Worse, have you said it yourself?

Now may be the best time to invest in a new website.

Here are eight more reasons why you should probably pull the trigger:

1. Site is all text and looks like it’s from the early 2000s

If I were to visit your website right now, would I see a page that was created in a program like Microsoft Word and somehow put online for the world to see? Did one of your sales reps create it over the weekend after ‘learning’ web design over a long weekend (to which I hope you paid him/her a nice bonus for doing so!). Either way, your site is old. It’s not taking advantage of so many online tools, features and elements that make websites function properly and help drive sales these days. Take a good look. If it looks old, it probably is – so it’s time for a facelift (and surgery more than likely).

2. Your site still animates and plays music

You’ve seen the websites. Heck, we’ve built several of them! When you visit the link, a snazzy animation plays with some musical greeting. The software used to create that was Flash. While Flash arguably has its place in website industry, this is not the greatest place to use it. For one, the search engines have a tough time finding any information contained in the animation. And if your WHOLE WEBSITE is one big Flash file (lots of animation and little text), then it is definitely time to build a new site.

3. Your website is mostly about you and not your customer

For a long time, websites were all about you and/or your company and what you do well. Blogs now fill the void for personal websites and the niche they’re aiming for. But your website should now be written, optimized and focused on the client. If it’s about your awards, your pets and your big office – time for a change, bucko.

4. You don’t know who is visiting your website

If you don’t know who’s visiting your website, your strategy has a few issues we need to address. First off, if you don’t know who’s coming to your website, why do you even have one? Joker Media uses Google Analytics for clients to see you is visiting when and from where. Once you know who your audience is, you can adjust your content to reach out to the clients you truly intend to. We can help you strategize and reach the right people. It can be done with a redesigned website, or an update to your current one

5. You don’t have a mobile website

Mobile websites are becoming more and more important. Consumers are always on their cell phones, tablets and other devices. If your website doesn’t come up on a mobile device, if it’s super tiny or if it looks like it’s broken into pieces, then it’s time for a look at a redesign. Joker Media can develop you a responsive website meaning no matter what device you are on, the website looks good and ‘responds’ to the device it’s being viewed on.


6. Your website takes an eternity to load

This is a sin. And if you’ve ever waited for a website to load and it’s taken minutes, you know how maddening it can be. The reason it’s happening is because the website is bogged down with image files that are too big, code that is out of date and elements that just aren’t needed anymore. Again, you suffer from being left in the past and you desperately need a new website. This can actually hurt more of your business than help it.

7. You’re nowhere to be found in search rankings

Being found in the search engines is important. It helps drive traffic to your website and in turn, helps you increase business. Joker Media will develop your website with the basic elements your website needs to get you found online. Things that improve your website rankings are the way the content is written, how the links are added and edited, how images are embedded and dozens of other factors. If you’re no where to be found in the results, then we need to meet with you and help you get going on a new website!

8. You spent a lot of money on your last site, even though you hate it

It can be a bitter pill to swallow to redesign your website after you spent thousands of dollars on it a few years ago. But understand that companies change their websites every few years, if not sooner. It’s important to stay on top of new technology, code and online methods of driving traffic to your website. And if your website bothers you because it’s not much to look at, or it functions poorly – then don’t let money be the motivator (or lack thereof) in why you’re not redesigning. The reward of a new website will kill any ill feelings you had about your old slog of a site by increasing visits and conversions.

If you are guilty of any of these reasons above, we suggest you shoot us a message and we’ll have a chat about your site and how we can help it help you get business moving again. And it’s always nice to have something new, right?!